Coffee and Cake

Around 4 pm each day... an internal clock goes off that causes many Germans to spontaneously crave coffee and cake (or tea if you don't drink coffee).  The fun part about coffee and cake is that it is a great way to break the ice with new neighbours or people that you want to get to know.

However, this isn't a totally natural event for me.  Back in the US I didn't have anything like coffee and cake at 4 pm - especially since I don't really eat sugar or drink coffee or tea.

In addition, I can hear my mom saying... "you will ruin your appetite for dinner!"

The reason why I think coffee and cake at 4 pm works in Germany - is that they normally eat a hot lunch and then a cold dinner (sandwiches for dinner?? that is a subject for another blog post).

Since Germans eat a light dinner at a later hour than Chris and I would normally eat in the US  - I guess they aren't really spoiling their appetites with coffee and cake at 4 pm.  I am trying to change my mindset so instead of thinking "what???? We are eating dessert right before dinner?"  - I am trying to view this as "Yummm - dessert after lunch"

Unfortunately, for me personally, I am really sensitive to sugar and caffeine - it can really affect me sometimes and keep me up all night long if I eat coffee and cake late in the afternoon.  But I am enjoying some cake in moderation and non-caffeine herbal tea :)

Although this tradition is a tough adjustment for me, ( can anyone can have a tough time adjusting to eating cake - especially when it is really good???) I have really appreciated and enjoyed all of our coffee and cake invitations and hope that Chris and I can enjoy many more with our new neighbours and friends in Germany.

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