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Willkommen to The Wander Weg.

My name is Judi Fox.  I started this blog because my family moved from the US to Germany in July 2012.  This area of Germany (Hof, Rehau, Selb), is not a place that I knew a lot about before moving here.  Even Wikipedia mentions that this area is called "Bavarian Siberia" - hmmmmm that doesn't sound very inviting.  Although, I didn't find a lot of resources for a foreigner moving to this area - maybe I didn't look hard enough.  This blog will hopefully inspire me to find festivals, share resources, and enjoy the cultural differences.

Our Germany adventures began when Chris and I got married in 2008 and moved to Erlangen, Germany for 6 months.  Now we are back in Germany and we plan to live here for 3 - 5 years in the Northeast Bavaria area (Hof, Rehau, Selb).  We moved our six month old son, our dog, and our entire household all over to Germany (what were we thinking???).

This blog is just like a hiking trail through the forests of Germany - I am not sure where it will take us, what sights we will see, and what experiences we will have, but it will be an adventure.

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  1. Super!! Dann freu ich mich auf den Weg :) Go on Girl!!!

  2. Judi Fox says:

    Thank you Michelle :)

  3. How wonderful to come across your blog- I just moved here from the U.S. with my husband and our 6 month old son too! I look forward to reading your posts and sharing the journey with you ;)

  4. Judi Fox says:

    That is great Globetrotting Mama! Thank you so much for the message :) I am so glad to hear from you and enjoy the journey together. Let's connect on facebook if you are on there. Thanks again for saying hi!!!

  5. We've been in Bavaria for about a month now (near Vilseck). We have a 3 year old and a 4 month old. Its beautiful, confusing and sometimes overwhelming here!

  6. Judi Fox says:

    Thanks for the note Jasmine :) Maybe we can connect sometime. We are not tooo far from you. :)

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