I AM – Present Tense

{ I AM } starting to learn German – after being here for 6 months.  I finally have a tutor who can come to my house and help get me motivated.  I still have a lot of soul searching to do as to why there is a mental / emotional road block for me to learn to speak German, but I thought it might help me to make images that inspire me to learn these words in German. 

Disclaimer – I am not a German teacher or professional translator.  If you need immediate translation services please seek professional help with a highly skilled native speaking German.  These postings may contain mistakes and should not be used in real life German language settings – especially when accuracy with the formal and informal is critical.   :)

Hopefully these images / language lesson links might also help inspire someone else :).  Lots of Love – Judi

Ich Bin I AM Learning German Conjugating Present Tense Sein

German Verb Conjugation Sein I AM Ich Bin Present Tense

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