Air Conditioning

One of the biggest concerns I had was moving from a country with Central AC (Air Conditioning) to one without Central AC.  If you grow up with something - it can be a shock to the system to not have it any more.  Everyone says - the weather in Germany is so mild that you don't need Central AC and that there is one week a year that it gets really hot.  Well this is the week!

Since I was used to the hummm and cool breeze of Central Air Conditioning, we went out to Media Markt in Hof, Germany and bought a fan - so at least I have white noise and some air flow.  However, goodbye are my days of cool central air.  At least when I look at the 10 day forecast in Germany - the weather isn't unbearable - and what really matters to me is the night time temperatures.  As long as I can be somewhat cool at night - I don't mind the warm temperatures during the day (well maybe I mind them just a little bit - with a 6 month old baby who doesn't like the heat).  Now if the temperatures were like Frederick, Maryland (where we moved from) I would be dying without Central AC.

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  1. LinzW1976 says:

    Surely your figure should be in Celsius? :) xxxxx

  2. Judi Fox says:

    Ahhh another adjustment I have to make - converting from Fahrenheit to Celsius!

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