Scratchy Towels and Ironing

We currently don't have a dryer.  I was mentally prepared for this change from the US, but I really haven't "faced" the reality of having to hang ALL my laundry outside.  We have been living in a vacation rental (ferienwohnung) and I am embarrassed to admit that I saved up our laundry for 2 and 1/2 weeks.... so that we could take all of it to Chris's host parents, who have a dryer.  I feel like I have experienced soooooo much change and turmoil and the last thing I want to do is laundry without a dryer (I guess we all have some "things" we don't want to change - mine happens to be the dryer).  

Now I do have my reasons for being overly attached to my clothes dryer (of course these reasons probably only make logical sense to me):

  1. Scratchy Towels - When bath towels are washed and hung without a dryer they can get stiff and scratchy.  Since I love all things soft and fluffy, my bathroom towel was one of my "must have" comfort items that I brought to Germany. (*side note - I had some prior experience that involved stiff, scratchy, small bath towels during my European travels, so I personally knew that I wanted my own towel that I could fully wrap around my body after showering.)                                                          

  2. Ironing - When clothing and household laundry is hung outside to dry these items can get wrinkled.  Ironing in Germany should be an Olympic event.  The women here can iron quickly and efficiently.  Since I haven't ironed since 1992, I would be ironing and ironing and never get to see any parts of Germany.  I would probably use up the same amount of electricity that a German is trying to save by not using a dryer.  (*side note - since German dryers are smaller, some clothing still comes out all wrinkled - oh no!!!!  I might still need to learn how to iron!!!)

  3. Time - Because I am trying to be upbeat and positive about this move to Germany, I am thinking of this time in Germany as a vacation.  Right now, washing, hanging, ironing, and folding laundry isn't high on my list of "things to do" :)  I would rather be outside exploring and enjoying adventures here in Germany.  
I know that it is better for the environment if I hung my clothing outside.  I even discovered that there is an "international clothesline week" each year - the date was June 2, 2012 - gosh darn I missed it!

Eventually I will probably have to do a load of laundry without a dryer and I will learn that hanging my clothing outside is not soooo terrible.  But I have been putting that day off for as long as possible :)  (as long as we have clean clothing!)

PS - Here are some fun links I discovered while writing this post:

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2 Responses to Scratchy Towels and Ironing

  1. Years ago, my mom put ALL our clothing on a dryer. In fact, it was one of my 'chores'. At some point however I am assuming that won't be practical especially when the weather gets cold. I don't remember scratchy towels but like you I love the softness of air fluffed will be interesting to see if anything changes over the time period where stuff you didn't like at first, you then come to like. Yes, use this as an adventure and focus on that. You can do this! Love,Mar

  2. Judi Fox says:

    Thanks Mar :) I am sure I will feel exactly as you described it - over time I will come to love how things work over here and then when I go back to the US I will have culture shock all over again :) XO Lots of Love back to you!

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