To Want – Present Tense

I {want} to learn German.  Maybe if I keep saying that phrase I will eventually believe it.  As I mentioned before, I have some challenges towards learning German.  I wish the rest of my life would settled down just a little and I could wrap my head around another language.  The good news is that Isaac only woke up one time in the middle of the night last night.  I {want} more nights like that :)   Lots of Love – Judi

wanted poster learning german to want conjugating verbs wander weg

{Finding the Perfect Font} Love Story: image

The path to finding the perfect font for The Wanted German Poster {above} started with Pinterest. Here I found a great free font pin that sent me to a beautiful website - Elle Claire and while I was downloading the fonts, I discovered Font Squirrel. Where I finally found the perfect font underneath the grunge classification – Font Name –Shortcut- (download here). It all happened so easily. This was a {finding the perfect font} love story.


Now back to the {Learning German} details:


Image Credits: (wanted poster inspiration)

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