Monday is a Little Behind Schedule

So my Monday post is a little behind schedule, but I have a good reason {I think}.  Someone posted a comment on my Blog (see picture below) and it changed what I was going to blog about on Monday.  I ended up writing about vulnerability instead… click here to read the post.

The great part about this person’s not so nice comment is that it really lifted my spirits…

Because so many people responded on my personal Facebook page. 

Each comment was like a hug from my friends and family. 

Thank you again for your love, encouragement, and kindness. 

PS – I have some more {fun} verb pictures in the works.  Can’t wait to share them soon.

PSS – I decided to change the Monday post from what {I Miss} to the {Differences I See}.  I agree with some of the comments I got and I would rather try to observe the differences, than to keep thinking from a place of {missing}.  In addition, I can then observe the differences without judgment and just enjoy the fact that things are sometimes different.  I think that will lift my spirits and help change my mindset about this Germany Adventure!


This is the comment chain that in the end only served to lift my spirits.  It was posted on the “Baby Doing a Random Act of Kindness” and the video of our son waving at people as they walked past our house.  

Fullscreen capture 332013 72141 PM.bmp

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