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i heart de the wander weg based on i heart new york using king font4 bold

It was fun trying to re-create the I heart NY logo with DE (Deutch / Germany).  Thanks to my brainstorming sidekick best friend husband, we came up with this image.  It wasn’t too 220px-I_Love_New_York_svghard to find the perfect font “King” on dafont.com.  Making this “King” font bold helped it look more like the NY image.  The original font is called ITC American Typewritter.  The I heart NY image is a registered trademark and you can find more information about it here and on wikipedia.  It was fun making this image and I learned a lot in the process.  Lots of Love, Judi

PS – When I googled “I heart DE” – here is what I found…

DE is also for Delaware.

I heart DE Delaware

Turns out DE – also stands for Diplôme d’Etat (DE)

I love DE

And here DE – stands for Dynamic Earth

Share the Love this April - I LOVE DE

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