Monday Weekly Post @ What I Miss the Most…

This Monday is the start of “What I Miss the Most…”.  But first I need to make some disclaimers / notes about this topic:

Monday Weekly Post about What I miss the most the wander weg judi fox
1.  I miss Family and Friends – !!{THE MOST"}!!  When we were in the US – I had a whole network of people to call / text / email.  Now I rarely talk on the phone and I feel disconnected from home.  This probably happened for several reasons: 

  • We lived in temporary housing without the internet and a landline for 6 months.  This created a gap in our communications - people couldn’t call us and we weren’t able to regularly call them.
  • The 6 hour time change.  When Isaac goes down for his morning nap it is 4:30 am in the US.  {if anyone is up – you are welcome to call us}
  • We can’t talk with family and friends on our cell phones – unless we want to go into debt.  That means it isn’t always easy to get a hold of us and even when we are home – sometimes our internet phone isn’t working. 
Hopefully over time we can re-establish our connections with loved ones back home now that we have the internet again.     
2.  Things that I miss are just that – things that {I} miss.  It might not be something that other people miss and it might not make any sense to someone else, but it is something that I have had to navigate my way to a solution because I miss it.

Tuesday Ill write about something I like the wander weg judi fox
3.  Over time {lots of time} I will become more comfortable with living here and I will miss less and less things from home.  And I might even discover that there are things in Germany that I will miss when we move back to the US.  Eventually, I might start posting  “Tuesday I’ll Write @ Something I like” :)

4.  I might have discovered some kind of solution for what I miss, but it doesn’t mean it is the best.  Any advice or tips are {Greatly} appreciated!  There are many ways to get to the same result and the best thing about the internet is learning from each other and finding more paths to solve similar problems.

SOOOOO Here is the first thing that I missed….  FLOSS!
I was not expecting this AT ALL!  I had a couple extra packages in my luggage and in our shipping container, but I expected that I would eventually find a woven un-waxed floss here in Germany.

I search high and low – I went in every Rossman, DM, Apotheke – all to no avail.  I bought SIX different kinds, I asked my German friends about their floss, and then I asked to see their floss {not a typical conversation to have with a new friend}.  

The woven floss I tried here lost it’s woven-ness after 2 teeth.  Another floss I tried, had a thin beginning and one thick short blue end, which made it hard to wrap around my fingers and it still lost it’s woven-ness after just a couple teeth.  Other floss’s were thin and silky. 

The thing is…. my dentist {that I miss} recommended that I use the woven unwaxed floss because I have some space between my bottom teeth and regular silky thin floss just doesn’t work for me. 

What did I do to solve this situation?  I asked my Mother In Law to throw some floss in a letter and mail it to me.  Seriously – just the spools of floss and not even the plastic container.  It cost about $4 to ship me some spools of floss, but now I have enough to last me until we go back to the US for a visit this summer. 

Now one of my pieces of advice for anyone moving internationally is to bring enough critical toiletries / personal care items that you feel comfortable with.  Somethings I don’t mind switching like my shampoo and conditioner, but if there is a personal care item that you really don’t want to switch (just yet) make sure to put it in your luggage or shipping container when you move.

Lots of Love – Judi 

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